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Нашлемные навершия, плюмажи эпохи поздней Римской империи

  Существенным элементом защитной экипировки легионера являлся шлем, а в период заката Римской империи, иногда был и единственным. Несмотря на довольно большое количество археологических находок шлемов - относящихся к поздней римской империи, а именно, так называемому гребневому шлему "Kammhelme"...





Щиты Пшеворской культуры

  Пшево́рская культура, одна из самых интересных соседствующих и чаще враждебных римской империи культур, на протяжении большого количества времени. Она открывает нам занавес истории и облика многих племён и народов, тех кого рим всегда называл варварами...



Опубликовать в социальных сетях

New elements of gameplay



New hardcore campaign.


Added new playable factions:

Roxolani, Venedi, Armenia, Roman insurgent.

Completely new: description, icon, leader, model, political parties and personages, including Traits and many others. al.

The names of the characters are completely historical:
Western Roman Empire: Valentinianus, Iustina, Gratianus, Jovian
Eastern Roman Empire: Valens, Domnica, Theodosius, Flacilla
Visigoths: Aoric, Athanaric, Fritigern, Alaric, Alavivus
Ostrogoths: Ermanaric, Sunilda, Vithimiris, Witeric, Alatheus, Saphrax
Roxolans: Sarus, Ammius, Sunilda
Iazyges: Zizais
Franks: Marcomer
Sasanides: Hormizd, Shapur, Ardashir, Bahram
Armenia: Tiran, Arshak, Pap
Huns: Balamber, Uldin, Charaton, Donat
Roman insurgent: Magnus Maximus
Lakhmids: Imru' al-Qays II ibn 'Amr

Eleven other new factions.

aestii - Playable faction if available DLC Slavic Nations Culture Pack
saraceni - Playable faction if available DLC Empires of Sand Culture Pack

Many new units.

Created on the based on a full study of the late-antique document Notitia Dignitatum.


All units are divided into three categories:
1. Basic units - units hired anywhere
2. AOR units - units recruited only in their own or in frontier territory
3. Nominal Legio units - the first cohort of this legion

Guerrilla warfare.

For the Army stance: march, fortification, ambush, as well as in the city - a large number of protective devices / traps for defense are available:
And these are brimstone, caltrop, fireball, sharpstones, spiketrap and stakes. Quantity from 5 pcs. at the march and up to 18 at ambush.
The number of elements in the traps / devices increased in 2-3, their combat characteristics increased by 1.5-2 times.
The strength of barricades has been increased.


Mutiny in the army for the Roman factions.

ИзображениеИзображениеИзображениеИзображениеThese factions initially have the following: -2 loyalty (Integrity) armies. If you do not pay attention to this feature of the Roman society - tired of the war, then your army will hold regular mutinies!
To get rid of this negative effect is possible only in battle! You must study the traditions of each army!
Delay the mutiny - decimate!

Siege machines.

Added new siege units: Ballista and the Great Ballista.
Added a new type of volley for onager and ballista - Scatter Numerous Shot||A shot of two dozen small stones - designed to defeat enemy soldiers.
All siege machines are completely changed shot characteristics, based on the data obtained from a historical source.



Auxiliary armies and units.

In the game - the armies are divided into three types: Auxiliary parts, Armies comitatensis, Armies limitanei.
The auxiliary armies have: three new units
These mini-armies are needed for reconnaissance, ambushes, delays and so on! That is, they are used as separate armies of the Vanguard\Rearguard.

Who and how many units need to be staffed in a mini-army is decided by the player himself, but be aware that the smaller the size of the unit, the faster it moves on the campaign map (has more movement points). Cavalry faster than infantry, respectively.

Balance and strategic gameplay.

The average number of soldiers in units changed and likened to a cohort, equitum, ala and is equal to 300-200 men, for the horse and foot.
Now the game has become a real strategy, not tactics with strategy elements. Hiring with one turns is not possible (Huns exception). Now, depending on the fraction is 2/4 turn. Increased cost of hiring mercenaries: land x5 times, sea x30 times.
Shipbuilding has now become a costly military production and hiring of vessels increased to x10 times.
The Hun factions do not have spawn! They can and must be destroyed!

New Roman guards commanders.

Protectores Domestici Pedites - bodyguards generals and governors
Protectores Domestici Equites - bodyguards generals

New Roman officers and standard bearer.


Historical formation.

New animation and formation for the historicity of the constructions.
Army late antiquity, and indeed other periods, formed detachments of which necessarily present not only one type of weapons by type - ax, sword and spear, as we used to see in the game, Attila, and mandatory additional weapon for close combat, namely spears in any army. Spear very often had any soldier, regardless with what weapons he was obliged to wear in the army. Spear are not expensive, but it is often indispensable in the defense, especially against cavalry. Most of the units in the fashion Judex - Rex, They will have a spear in the forefront with in defensive formation!
Completely redesigned or added new formation with its own performance characteristics (abilities), are now making a more epic battles in the spirit! Formation are now very strong influence on the fighting qualities of the units. Any Formation is capable of very long and contain the enemy. Thanks to them, the battle became longer and now will not let the opponent easily attack the front.
All the historical formation in Judex - Rex:
Infantry: Wall pike; Screen; Hedgehog (square); Spear_wall; Shield_wall; Roman turtle; Barbaric turtle
Cavalry: Cantabrian circle; Flying wedge, Wedge

Forest robbers.

Created faction Forest robbers scattered, across the European terrain on the campaign map and very often spawned!
This faction works like a horde, has no recruitment opportunity and does not build anything, but sometimes it can accumulate money for the purchase of mercenaries, to replenish its ranks by professionals.
The need for this faction is due to the new gameplay, the battles are now fatal. To have a good army - you need to gain experience.
With the help of robbers, you will be able to gain experience your armies and characters.
This faction has three types of units: Robbers Warlord, Robbers Brigade, Robbers Bows

AOR and Pseudo-AOR units

AOR Units (Units are hired only in a specific area for hiring \ Area Of Recruitment)
Pseudo-AOR (Unit fractions not needing for a given fraction in a certain zone for hiring \ Area Of Recruitment, for other fractions it is necessary).

Based on a full study of the late-antique document Notitia Dignitatum, AORs (Area Of Recruitment) were created.
In the mod of their 43: 26 pieces for the Roman "federates" and 17 for all other factions that will capture this area and will be able to hire local special units.


All cities have garrisons from local residents.
You can build additional garrison barracks:
Garrison_1,2,3,4 - in the periphery

Armies of Exodus.

For the factions involved in the migration of the barbarians, the was created army from the commoners-settlers. Such factions in the game: 15. They only appear when the faction becomes a horde!
Note: Huns and the closest allies "nomads" - are not considered migratory.
Created 7 units for migrating armies.
These units are weak, they are commoners, but they do not have to flee, their family is here - therefore morality is much higher than even the militia!
The number of units in a faction can be 18-40 units of Exodus.

Recruitment, military buildings.

Most units have a limit hiring! Without limiting only some "basic" units.
Most units Milites (Militia) 0 level - are recruited in all cities with level 1
____Milites defensores
____Milites cimbriani
____Milites dacisci
____Milites dalmatae
____Milites italici
____Milites mauri
____Milites menapii
____Milites moesiaci
____Milites nervii
____Milites scythici
____Milites tungricani


Military Upgrades\Armourer
____Milites armigeri

Military Upgrades\Carpenter
____Milites balistarii

The remaining units are employed in two types of buildings:

1. Military building - recruited groups of units: Basic, AOR
Castra stativa - camp where the army spent more than one night
____Milites Superventores, Milites Praeventores, Milites Exploratores

Castrum Limitanei Legio
____Legionis Funditores (limitan), Legionis Sagittarii, Legionis Balistarii, Legionis Defensores (limitan), Legionis Lanciarii, Legionis Hispanorum (limitan), Legionis Carthaginensis (limitan), Legionis Lusitanorum (limitan), Legionis Asturum (limitan), Legionis Raetorum (limitan), Legionis Alamannorum (limitan), Legionis Gallorum (limitan), Legionis Tungrorum (limitan), Legionis Lingonum (limitan), Legionis Nerviorum (limitan), Legionis Morinorum (limitan), Legionis Noricorum (limitan), Legionis Germanorum (limitan), Legionis Iuthungorum (limitan), Legionis Abrincateni (limitan), Legionis Francorum (limitan), Legionis Chamavorum (limitan), Legionis Illyricorum (limitan), Legionis Dalmatarum (limitan), Legionis Thracorum (limitan), Legionis Galatarum (limitan), Legionis Mauri (limitan), Legionis Numidarum (limitan), Legionis Gaetulorum (limitan), Legionis Palaestinorum (limitan), Legionis Arabum (limitan), Legionis Aegyptiorum (limitan), Legionis Euphratensis (limitan), Legionis Transtigritani (limitan), Legionis Pontinenses (limitan), Legionis Britonum (limitan), Legionis Dacorum (limitan), Legionis Gothorum (limitan), Legionis Romanenses (limitan), Legionis Scutata Civium Romanorum (lim), Legionis Apuleia Civium Romanorum (lim)

Castrum Comitatensis Legio
____Legionis Mattiarii iuniores (comitat), Legionis Armigeri Defensores seniores (comitat), Legionis Lanciarii iuniores (comitat), Legionis Propugnatores iuniores (comitat), Legionis Propugnatores seniores (comitat), Legionis Pannoniciani iuniores (comitat), Legionis Germaniciani iuniores (comitat), Legionis Germaniciani seniores (comitat)

Castrum Palatina Legio
____Legionis Mattiarii seniores (palatin), Legionis Lanciarii seniores (palatin), Legionis Armigeri Propugnatores seniores (palatin), Legionis Armigeri Propugnatores iuniores (palatin), Legionis Moesiaci seniores (palatin), Legionis Britones seniores (palatin), Legionis Pannoniciani seniores (palatin), Legionis Daci (palatin), Legionis Scythae (palatin), Legionis Cimbriani (palatin), Legionis Nervii (palatin)

Castrum Limitanei Vexillatio
____Equites Dalmatae, Equites Promoti, Equites Sagittarii (limitan), Equites Stablesiani, Cuneus Equitum Dalmatarum (limitan), Cuneus Equitum Promotorum, Cuneus Equitum Scutariorum, Cuneus Equitum Stablesianorum, Cuneus Equitum Armigerorum, Equites Dalmatae Illyriciani (limitan), Equites Promoti Illyriciani (limitan), Equites Scutarii Illyriciani (limitan)

Castrum Comitatensis Vexillatio
____Equites Sagittarii (comitat), Equites Cetrati (comitat), Equites Scutarii (comitat), Equites Armigeri seniores (comitat), Equites Catafractarii, Cuneus Equitum Catafractariorum, Comites iuniores (comitat), Equites Stablesiani Africani (comitat), Equites Stablesiani Italiciani (comitat), Comites Catafractarii Bucellarii iuniores

Castrum Palatina Vexillatio
____Schola Scutariorum, Schola Gentilium, Schola Armaturarum, Schola Scutariorum Clibanariorum, Comites seniores (palatin), Comites taifali (palatin), Comites Catafractarii Bucellarii seniores

Castrum Auxilium Pedites
____Auxiliares sagittarii (limitan), Auxiliares vigilium (limitan), Auxiliares insidiatorum (limitan)

Castrum Auxilium Equites
____Ala (limitan), Ala Dromedariorum (limitan), Ala Gallorum (limitan), Ala Sequanorum (limitan), Ala Britonum (limitan), Equites Mauri, Equites Saraceni, Cuneus Sarmatarum (limitan)

Castrum Auxilium Optimates
____Auxiliares Sagittarii Lecti (palatin), Auxiliares Exculcatores (palatin), Auxiliares Defensores (palatin), Auxiliares Sagittarii Gallicani (palatin), Auxiliares Sagittarii Tungri (palatin), Auxiliares Sagittarii Nervii (palatin), Auxiliares Mauri iuniores (palatin), Auxiliares Mauri seniores (palatin), Auxiliares Raetobarii (palatin), Auxiliares Thraces (palatin), Auxiliares Batavi iuniores (palatin), Auxiliares Batavi seniores (palatin), Auxiliares Brachiati iuniores (palatin), Auxiliares Brachiati seniores (palatin), Auxiliares Cornuti iuniores (palatin), Auxiliares Cornuti seniores (palatin), Equites batavi iuniores (palatin), Equites batavi seniores (palatin), Equites brachiati iuniores (palatin), Equites brachiati seniores (palatin), Equites cornuti iuniores (palatin), Equites cornuti seniores (palatin), Equites Sagittarii Parthi (comitat), Equites Taifali (comitat), Cuneus Equitum Clibanariorum Palmirenorum (comitat), Equites Clibanarii Parthii (comitat)

(Castrum - common in ancient times type of Roman military settlement)

2. Administration - recruited groups of units: Nominal
Governor House - Limitanei
____Legionis Iulia Alpina (limitan), Legionis Armeniaca (limitan), Legionis Italica (limitan), Legionis Parthica (limitan), Legionis Scythica (limitan), Legionis Macedonica (limitan), Legionis Diocletiana (limitan)

Governor Estate - Comitatensis
____Legionis Valentis (comitat), Legionis Valentinianenses (comitat), Legionis Martii (comitat), Legionis Minervii (comitat), Legionis Flavia Constantia (comitat), Legionis Flavia victrix Constantina (comitat), Legionis Maximiana (comitat)

Governor Palace - Palatina
____Legionis Herculiani iuniores (palatin), Legionis Ioviani iuniores (palatin), Legionis Herculiani seniores (palatin), Legionis Ioviani seniores (palatin)

Large package of scripts:

1.Spawn of the armies of the three Huns AI
2.The immortality of some important characters
3.Declaration of peace, war, vassalage
4.Foederati pact
5.Rise of insurgents (Roman insurgent, Greuthingi)
6.Free units for 13 AI fractions of Exodus(immigrants)
7.Revival and Spawn of 17 Exodus fractions - Exodus Units
8.Free units for all AI factions


New Edicts.

Quarantine and Gathering of troops, as well as complete processing of old



Many others.

The modes implemented quickly throwing technique and the chance of knockout from all projectile weapons (pilum, Sulitsa, axes, plumbates) and firing projectiles (slings, arrows, bolts) from mod Pojectiles Mod at DEI from our CJiaBa developer. Rate the dignity of fashion, you can of this video.
Added new units attributes such as attack formation, counteracting fatigue in the wilderness, and many others.
Added a new animation of the battle, from evasion before fatality.
Added a new animation plumbata precursor.
Added a new animation "Proto-Knights"
Added a new type of missile units: plumbates from sling.
Added new blood: mod - GBJ Blood Mod Attila: The Original
Fines, bonuses diplomatic relations enemies, allies are reduced, as well as Traits such as anti-imperium characters 1.5-2 times. Fines on levels Imperium also reduced by 1.5-2 times. Radically changed the bonuses from 9 regime power.
Changed the threshold values ??of the levels of experience units - now the experience is typed more quickly twice
Added boiling oil was added to the gate, to all factions
Created a new ability "Drink blood" and "Barritus"
The characteristics of speed and weight of all horses and camels have been changed and much more...