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Нашлемные навершия, плюмажи эпохи поздней Римской империи

  Существенным элементом защитной экипировки легионера являлся шлем, а в период заката Римской империи, иногда был и единственным. Несмотря на довольно большое количество археологических находок шлемов - относящихся к поздней римской империи, а именно, так называемому гребневому шлему "Kammhelme"...





Щиты Пшеворской культуры

  Пшево́рская культура, одна из самых интересных соседствующих и чаще враждебных римской империи культур, на протяжении большого количества времени. Она открывает нам занавес истории и облика многих племён и народов, тех кого рим всегда называл варварами...



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Description and development history mod

  Mod Judex-Rex is developed with the support of the administration of the portal of the Late Roman Empire. This mod is a global revision of the game Total War: Attila, with the goal of creating the most historical environment of the period 367-417 AD. The main feature is the Digital Historical Reconstruction, in this case the world of Late Antiquity, hereinafter abbreviated as DHRLA. In simple words, DHRLA is a virtual reconstruction of many things and information from the past world of late antiquity, namely:
1. a campaign with a historical map of the approximate location of factions, armies and invasions of tribes of a given period;
2. military units created on the basis of the Notitia Dignitatum document and other historical sources;
3. 3d models of what units consist of are created on the basis of archaeological finds and historical data, taking into account the reconstruction of their former form.

  This project is necessary for a deeper understanding of all the mechanisms in the aggregate that influenced the actions of great people of that period and the course of history. From politics, conquest wars, geography, religion, the development of ancient technologies, trade, and to interpersonal relationships! All this is now merged together in the digital world, a world where much is already possible to implement and analyze on the basis of these data. We are the first to approach the game with the scrupulousness of a historian, based on the sources of our conclusions and writing them in every little thing, inside a huge digital world.

  The mod is suitable for gamers who are especially interested in history, and can also serve as information for people interested in historical reconstruction and become additional material for historians, as the site of the Late Roman Empire has been doing for a long time!
By and large, we all love games and history, and isn’t the game capable of captivating history more ?!
  What is our life? The game!


  What is the start time of the game, what events will develop and why is this name chosen?

  The year the campaign begins in the game begins in the spring of 367 AD. This time period, in our opinion, is most interesting for the richness of events that have radically changed the whole story. The main one is the invasion of the Hordes of the Huns. It was the Huns that triggered the mechanism of the invasion of many barbarians into the territory of the Roman Empire. This event almost instantly forced to change the policy of the Roman Empire, and later on it completely led to the destruction of its entire western part. Many other kingdoms standing in the way of the Huns were much less fortunate. The largest barbarian kingdom in eastern Europe, the kingdom of Goths, and someone will say the Goths empire, was preparing to be completely exterminated from the side of a much more frightening and cruel opponent than the Roman Empire.

  What will the choose leaders Goths? Glorious death on the battlefield and extermination from the Huns or slavery in the Roman Empire? In history, neither one nor the other happened, fate gave them a chance on a completely different path.

  After the death of the long-lived king Ermanarih, continue to lead all Goths, there could be only one common for all Goths - a leader! Atanarih, being the most powerful judge (the highest title in Gothic society), the Romans often called Judge-Rex, was obliged to become such a leader by right!
The game is designed for a campaign both for the Roman parts of the empires, and for the kingdoms of the Goths: Visigothic and Ostrogothic. The game for the Roman Empire is considered very difficult, but the campaign for the Goths is much more complicated.

  The start time of the campaign is not accidental. At this time, the kingdom of the Visigoths, under the leadership of the Gothic Judge Atanarih, using the tactics of guerrilla wars, begins to restrain the Roman army of Valent, who decided to end them once and for all. Atanarih tactics were successful and Valent was forced to make peace with the Visigoths, but the world was not long. In 376 AD, the stronger kingdom of the Ostrogoths, led by Ermanarih, already suffered a final defeat from the invading hordes of the Huns. Atanarih with his Visigoths left alone in front of the approaching avalanche and he manages to restrain it for a while, but it is enough only for the retreat of the whole people including the elderly and children of the Visigoths and parts of the Ostrogoths to borders Roman Empire. But even here the world did not wait for them. Oppressed by the Romans, the Goths clutching their weapons and in 378 Emperor Valent, who gathered a large army, decides to finally end the Visigoths. As Valent expected, the battle of Adrianople was decisive, but not for the Goths, but for the entire Roman Empire. The Battle of Adrianople is considered one of the turning points in European history, which changed the balance of power in favor of the Germanic peoples.

  It’s all to blame for the timely arriving cavalry units, allies of the Visigoths. Bonfires kindled by the Goths served as beacons in search of direction for reinforcement. Reinforcements, in turn, have already played a decisive role in this battle. Many historians disagree - who were those reinforcement who arrived just in time. Someone believes that these are allied Huns, someone ascribes this miraculous salvation to the retreating parts of the Ostrogoths, but the question remains - where at that time was the supreme and unshakable commander of all the Gothan Atanarih? We will not answer this question, but have shown where you can look for it.

  We don’t plan to finish the final release of the project quickly, since the volume of work is huge and the timing is still not calculable, but the opportunity to play will appear much earlier than the final, since we plan to edit and fill the game gradually, without erasing the basis of the Attila game.